McLaren Racing CollectiveCollect the McLaren Shadow Livery MCL36

Collect the McLaren Shadow Livery MCL36

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Use your Shadow Token to Unlock McLaren Shadow esports’s First Ever Digital Collectible
All purchasers will be invited to an exclusive virtual call with McLaren Shadow drivers, and have the chance to race against them in the F1 2022 game
  • McLaren Rear Car


    Want to own the McLaren Shadow livery MCL36 in the digital world?

    Introducing the first ever digital collectible release from McLaren Shadow, our virtual racing programme that shadows our real-world equivalent. This Shadow livery MCL36 is the first time our 2022 F1 challenger has been released as an NFT this year. Don’t miss out on the chance to own McLaren Shadow’s first digital collectible release, and the MCL36’s debut on the blockchain! Check out the steps below for how you can get involved.

  • Getting Started

  • Step 1

    Join us and our community of McLaren fans in the Racing section of our Discord server to keep up with the latest info from this drop like how to claim prizes and the Twitch stream schedule!

    McLaren @ Discord
  • Step 2

    Scan the on-screen QR code during one of our McLaren Shadow Twitch streams to redeem a free Shadow token. You will need a Shadow token to purchase the Shadow livery MCL36. Twitch stream schedule can be found on the Discord.

    McLaren POAP Coin
  • Step 3

    Unlock the MCL36 with your Shadow token, purchase the Digital collectible, and take advantage of awesome prizes.

    McLaren Confetti Car
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